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Should You Buy a Cape or Saddle?

We wanted to include a couple tips for the new fly tiers who may not be sure what they should buy, cape or saddle.

In a nutshell, it all comes down to your preferences, tying habits, and patterns. What one person recommends to you may not be the right fit for you.

So here are some general guidelines.

Capes have a greater range of feather sizes. For instance, we sell capes that have feathers from size 2 all the way down to size 30. Capes are typically better for most beginner tiers, and many experienced tiers prefer them as well. Again, preference. A good cape will give you the most options for flies because of the wide range of sizes of usable feathers.

Saddle feathers are generally much longer and more uniform than cape feathers, and they give you more flies per feather. Some see this as being a distinct advantage and greater bargain for the buck. Saddles are the way to go if you are producing lots of a few patterns, but do not offer as great of a variety in sizes.

Knowing what you plan to tie will help you in making this decision. And if you find your preferences/styles change over time (like most of us), we’ll be there to offer other options.