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This is premium dry fly saddle hackle with excellent stem quality. The hackle is characteristically long, thin and very flexible, with a very high barb count per feather. You won't be dissapointed. We grade them by the industry standard, Grade 1 through 3 only. We do not sell commercial or Grade 4 saddles. Most saddles will tie in 3 sizes, so tell us what you desire. Most of our stock is in the old fashion sizes, 10 thru 14, though we sometimes raise other sizes. Curious to know if you should buy cape or saddle? Read this article.

We would like to make note that currently our saddles are not as long as what some of the other breeders offer, which we believe is properly accounted for in the pricing. The quality is still outstanding and the next crop of roosters are already displaying much longer saddles than previously grown in the flock.

Clearwater Hackle also includes tailings on most saddles, at no additional cost. These are quality feathers that have many uses. Please note that there there are occasionally some variations in color.

Grade 1 - the highest quality. This grade will tie the highest number of flies because the length of each feather is the longest. Sizes run from 10 to 14. 

Grade 2 - a great value. This grade will still tie the same quality and size of dry fly as a Grade 1. The only difference is fewer flies, because the feathers are shorter. 

Grade 3- an exceptional value. This grade will also tie the same quality and size of dry fly as a Grade 1 and a Grade 2, but fewer flies per feather and at a price that won't "break the bank".