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Mature Hens

"The Clearwater hen hackle that I used for my soft hackles was amazing. The coloration and feather quality was excellent. Since I have found Clearwater hen hackle, I have quit using partridge for all of my softhackle patterns. The hen hackle offers many sizes of feathers, so you can tie almost any size fly you want with just one hen hackle. If you are still using partridge, try a Clearwater hen hackle instead. You won’t believe the difference this hackle makes in your flies."
- Rob Prytula, aka "The Trout Professor" -



Like the JV Hens, the Mature Hens include both the cape and saddle, untrimmed so you can take advantage of the many larger sizes and shapes. The Mature Hen is especially popular with tiers who need feathers for large soft hackles, salmon and steelhead flies. Warmwater fly tiers who need large wet fly feathers for bass flies and streamers will also find Mature Hens perfect for their tying needs.

These are true genetic hens raised especially for tying so you have the advantage of tying with our trademark Clearwater Hackle fine stems.

We offer 14+ standard colors of Mature Hen skins. Note that the images below are representative of the color type. Expect some slight variations. If you need a specific/exact color, please let us know and we'll be happy to get it for you.

Not all Mature Hens shown are currently available. Only listings with an Add to Cart link underneath the price are currently available.

There are two main differences between JV Hen skins and Mature Hen skins. First, the similarities. The colors are usually the same between the two. The feathers are also just as high of quality from one to the other.

Now for the differences. There are usually twice the amount of feathers on a Mature Hen so they are the better value. And second, they tie down to about size 20 while a JV can tie down to about 24. If you don't tie below 20 then give the mature hen a try.