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JV Hens

"The Clearwater hen hackle that I used for my soft hackles was amazing. The coloration and feather quality was excellent. Since I have found Clearwater hen hackle, I have quit using partridge for all of my softhackle patterns. The hen hackle offers many sizes of feathers, so you can tie almost any size fly you want with just one hen hackle. If you are still using partridge, try a Clearwater hen hackle instead. You won’t believe the difference this hackle makes in your flies."
Rob Prytula, aka "The Trout Professor"



JV Hens are an incredible value. What is a JV Hen? The previous onwers of our flock, Conranch Hackle, pioneered the JV Hen market. Master fly tier and breeder Denny Conrad had this to say. "In 2001, my friend Tony Spezio asked me to find a hen saddle feather the right size for his famous "Tony's Froggie". There were no saddle hackles on a Mature Genetic Hen small enough to size properly, but we did find them on a Juvenile Genetic Hen and the JV Hen product line was born."

We process JV Hens at a specific age for optimal size and flexibility. Both the cape and saddle are included, untrimmed. These are true genetic hens with our trademark Clearwater Hackle fine stems making them tier-friendly. JV Hen feathers can be used for cut or uncut wings on wet and dry flies, and are especially popular in this smaller size for tying soft hackle flies, replacing wild game bird feathers that have thicker stems making them more difficult to wrap. If you need larger feathers (and/or just more feathers), take a look at our Mature Hens.

We offer 15+ standard colors of JV Hens. Note that the images below are representative of the color type. Expect some slight variations. If you need a specific color, please let us know and we'll be happy to get it for you.

This is an excellent video that explains the various feathers you can expect on a JV hen, and some great uses for the feathers. The JV hen is a very versitile product.




**We would like to apologize for the lack of inventory on this site. New inventory will be posted on the site shortly shortly. Thanks for your understanding 8/19/2017**