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The cape, or neck, offers a wide range of sizes from 2 all the way down to 30. Our cape is high quality Hackle at a price that won't "break the bank!" This is premium dry fly hackle with excellent stem quality. The hackle is characteristically long, thin and very flexible, with a very high barb count per feather. We grade them by the industry standard, Grade 1 through 3 only.

Curious to know if you should buy cape or saddle? Read this article.

Clearwater Hackle also includes tailings on most capes, at no additional cost. These are quality feathers that have many uses. Inventory is constantly changing. If you don't see something you want, Contact Us to be placed on a waiting list. Please note that there there are occasionally some variations in color.

Grade 1 - the highest quality for those who want the best. This grade will tie the widest range of sizes and the greatest number of flies. Typically, these capes will tie from size 2 to size 30. $82.

Grade 2 - a great value. This grade will tie down to the smaller sizes, but will not tie as many as the grade 1. The majority of the feathers on these capes will tie in the 12 to 18 size range. $66.

Grade 3 - an exceptional value. This grade will tie a wide range of sizes, but will typically tie less of the smaller sizes and more of the larger sizes. This is a great way to get multiple colors of capes that are still of very high quality, but won't "break the bank."$48.