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About Us


The name Clearwater Hackle comes from the majestic and beautiful Clearwater River that runs through North Central Idaho. Owner Dustin Spencer has dedicated his time to carry forth the most diverse and beautiful feather the hackle can offer.  His love for the outdoors has driven him to provide this incredible pedigree of feather to more outdoors man world wide.

We specialize in premium feathers for the fly tying community, with emphasis on dry fly hackle and our popular JV Hen line. Our flock comes from Conranch Hackle and is believed to be the oldest pure strain of Darbee chickens in the world. 

Something special about our flock is its development and refinement. For decades, master fly tier Dennis Conrad oversaw the genetic and breeding programs of these birds, always keeping the end users, the fly tier and fisherman, in mind. What has resulted is a feather unsurpassed in quality.

We raise a full range of natural colors. The hallmark is our 5-colored Cree, which is unique to Clearwater Hackle.


Quality products, great service, and affordable prices are our goals. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us so that we can make it right.

Our beautiful hackle has produced countless flies, and will continue to do so for many more generations.

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new and rare wet and dry fly hackle that comes available.