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Quality Hackle at An Affordable Price

Buy Genetic Hackle Direct from the Breeder. Clearwater Hackle specializes in genetic hackle, both for dry fly tying and wet fly tying. Our flock is believed to be the oldest pure strain of Darbee chicken in the world, and the quality of our feathers is unsurpassed. We offer more than 30 natural colors. 

Each Year We Sell Enough Feathers to Tie Millions of Flies!



“All of the Clearwater hackle is a great value; the natural colors are awesome. We especially like the untrimmed pelts offered by Clearwater. Those feathers that many other hackle companies trim from the pelt are there waiting to tie extra flies at no extra cost to you. We like all of Clearwater’s feathers but the Juvenile Hen fills a need no other company on the market can. Use Clearwater Hackle, you won’t be disappointed! Tight Lines.”

Al and Gretchen Beatty

- Popular authors and recent recipients of the prestigous Fly Tyer Lifetime Achievement Award www.btsflyfishing.com



"Clearwater Hackle is by far the finest hackle for the price."


George Daniel is a champion fly-fisher, former member of the U.S. flyfishing team for 7 years, and best selling author. www.gdflyfish.com/


"Received the mature, partridge hen skin today. Realize I’m not an expert but rather a recreational tier who just likes to fish. As my custom I chopped the skin up: cape, saddle and wings. (I have no use for the wings but maybe other tiers do...) The CAPE has great colors, sizes and stem length superior to partridge. The saddle has one color - barred dun/chocolate and sizes mostly 6 – 14.   Both the saddle and cape are very webby and soft – exactly what I like to tie nymphs, soft hackle and buggers.  I would have paid $48.00 for just the CAPE;it is awesome."

Kelly Knievel, son of famed motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel


"The Clearwater hen hackle that I used for my soft hackles was amazing. The coloration and feather quality was excellent. Since I have found Clearwater hen hackle, I have quit using partridge for all of my softhackle patterns. The hen hackle offers many sizes of feathers, so you can tie almost any size fly you want with just one hen hackle. If you are still using partridge, try a Clearwater hen hackle instead. You won’t believe the difference this hackle makes in your flies.

"I have been using the Clearwater hen hackle on several of my bream patterns too. The hen comes in many colors to match whatever pattern you are tying.

"Clearwater Hackle is producing some of the best quality hackle at very reasonable prices. I can’t wait to use other Clearwater Hackle products for my warmwater and trout flies!"

-Robert Prytula, aka "The Trout Professor"

Award winning fly tier, popular speaker, and co-host of Tony Sanders Outdoors radio show


"Just wanted to thank you for the great hackle and prompt, personalized service. The capes I received are LOADED with usable feathers and I really like the fact that you don't trim the wet fly type feathers on the outskirts. I love the chili pepper cape and I've already begun tying some buggy looking patterns for clients of mine to try on our local cutthroat trout. Thanks again!"

Nate Bennett, Guide/Owner, Teton Fly Fishing, www.tetonflyfishing.com


"I love these birds.  They are great in both size and color.  For soft hackles, the JV birds are exactly the right size for soft hackles and the hens make great salmon flies.  The neat thing about these hackles is the smooth way they wind, no twist and no brittle hackle.  For really cool trout flies, purchase the variants.  They are awesome in color and easy wrapping."

Joyce Westphal, commerical and recreational tier


"These feathers are 'Top Drawer' and the Customer Service from Lars matches the quality of his products. I asked for photos and was able to select just the skins I wanted. The only thing better would be to be standing in his barnyard looking directly at the birds myself. Hurry up and get what you want because I am coming back for more!"

Jeffrey A. Hines, Attorney at Law, Texas


"I am very pleased with the silver badger skin and I would like to thank you for keeping me in mind after my initial enquiries. It is nice to know there are people out there who can be trusted to deliver on there word to a new customer the other side of the world. Many thanks again."

Jeff Wilson, England


"The cape arrived yesterday. Well pleased with the quality of the hackle. Thanks again for your excellent customer service."

Paul Armstrong, Ireland


"Thanks for your prompt service! The capes arrived today. They look good. The dark barred ginger looks particularly strong! I hope to order from you in the future. Thanks for your customer care!!"

George McG, Canada